NYC Restaurant Inspectors Will Now Be Armed With 17-Ounce Cups To Make Sure Eateries Aren’t Selling Oversized Sugary Beverages

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bloomberg-nanny-smallThere will be no SWAT teams policing Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial new ban on large sodas and other sugary drinks starting Tuesday, but city inspectors will be armed – with 17-ounce cups.

The Health Department plans to use regular restaurant inspections to make sure eateries are not selling sugary beverages in servings larger than 16 ounces. But the inspectors will have specially ordered cups to help them enforce the new rule, Deputy Health Commissioner Daniel Kass said. Read more here.

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  1. As Jews should we have an issue with this rule?
    uch and vei that a non-believer has to remind us, albeit a bit harsh and rudely, that one needs to learn self control.

  2. “Lollipop men in Shuls, beware! You’re next on his hit list!”

    You may have written in jest, #2, but I have very little sympathy with this short-sighted custom of handing out candy in shuls.

    Not only does an excess of candy and other similar sweet substances rot young children’s teeth, so causing heavy dental expense for their parents, but it also negates all the teaching about not taking candy from strangers.

    Oh, wait a moment! We are talking about shuls here, many of which are already fetid hotbeds of child abuse anyway.


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