NYC Subway Graffiti: “Jews Belong in the Oven”

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An anonymous coward defaced a New York City subway car with Nazi Swastikas, and the riders came together to immediately erase any trace of the offensive graffiti.

The story, posted to Facebook last night by a New Yorker named Gregory Locke, goes like this:

I got on the subway in Manhattan tonight and found a Swastika on every advertisement and every window. The train was silent as everyone stared at each other, uncomfortable and unsure what to do. One guy got up and said, “Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie. We need alcohol.” He found some tissues and got to work. I’ve never seen so many people simultaneously reach into their bags and pockets looking for tissues and Purel. Within about two minutes, all the Nazi symbolism was gone. Nazi symbolism. On a public train. In New York City. In 2017. “I guess this is Trump’s America,” said one passenger. No sir, it’s not. Not tonight and not ever. Not as long as stubborn New Yorkers have anything to say about it.

Locke also posted a series of photos documenting his story:

graffiti-2 graffiti-3



  1. Before you say this is “Trumps America”
    Is it possible that a Muslim who voted for Hillary wrote it? Any subway cameras have footage??

  2. Amazing that he is the most supportive of Israel in recent memory but any hate gets attributed to him have you ever heard anything attributed to obummer or Hillary who had plenty to say against Israel

  3. An islamonazi or a liberal-fascist wrote it. Not a Trump voter. Any Jew hater won’t accept Trump with all the religious Jews on his team.

  4. This whole story doesn’t make any sense. It seems that the guy who posted this on Facebook is the one who did it. If this did indeed really happen, WHY WERE THESE PEOPLE ERASING IT??? Why didn’t they call the police first? It seems that these people didn’t want the perpetrators to be caught. If an investigator would of come down, he could of analyzed the handwriting. Why did these people tamper with the evidence? How can the police file a hate crimes charges now? Those people are an accessory to the crime and should be arrested.

    • Okay, you are blowing this way out of proportion. The guy who documented it is not the person who committed the crime. No one on that subway should be arrested, they aren’t tampering with anything, they are simply erasing what shouldn’t have been on there. If the person who did it has no criminal record, the police would never be able to identify the writing. They aren’t magicians

  5. Yes this is America. A country where one behaima with a sharpie spews his hate, and then a carful of strangers, probably from diverse backgrounds, bands together to obliterate the symbols of hatred.

    There will always be racists, bigots and misogynists, but instead of letting those losers get to us let’s instead focus on how massively they’re outnumbered by the decent, kind folks in our country.

  6. So we need the anti defamation league Bnei brith and the reform looney S to bring in more anti jewish Moslems so there will be more anti Semitism. It’s good for business that ADL can announce every year that anti Semitism rose. This way they can Shlep more money from old senile Jews, to pay the million dollar salary for its bareheaded leader.

  7. 1+1=0

    Are you really serious? After reading your entire comment, including the “would of”, and the “could of”, my questions are: witch skool of you attempted, if not attended, and who teached you basic logic?

    • The point is, if this was really an act done by strangers, these alleged hero’s should of called the police BEFORE tampering with the evidence. How do they expect the police to catch anyone if there is no reminisce of any writing or graffiti? If this would of been left for the police to see, they could of charged the perpetrators with a hate crime. Now, it’s nothing. The case is closed. It leads one to believe that this was all a set up by this Liberal do-gooder, Gregory Locke, to paint Trump and all Republicans as being evil anti semite racists.

      • In order to catch anyone from handwriting, they would need to already have a handwriting sample on file from the perp. A better way to catch the guy would be the subway cameras. this is really not destruction of significant evidence.


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