NYC To Crack Down On Coronavirus Clusters

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The city is ramping up efforts to crack down on coronavirus “clusters” in Brooklyn — with a “serious uptick” in cases popping up in predominantly Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday.

The mayor pointed out two areas of concern with dense Jewish populations at his press briefing: the Ocean Parkway cluster, encompassing Midwood, Borough Park and Bensonhurst, and a cluster in Williamsburg.

The Edgemere-Far Rockaway area and Kew Gardens are also seeing a surge in COVID-19.

“We have a lot to do because we’re seeing a serious uptick in multiple neighborhoods simultaneously and it’s something we have to address with a very aggressive public health effort right away,” de Blasio said.

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    • People locked in their homes, wash their hands 50 times a day, wear masks... and yet I get called a crazy conspiracy theorist.

      What they’re really saying is don’t stand in groups. The elite corona criminals who’ve committed heinous crimes against humanity, especially children, for centuries and esp. in the last century, are currently being eradicated from the earth; President Trump’s goal. These criminals might have weapons and are out to retaliate as they’re being pursued.

      If you don’t believe it, think about this: If it’s a medical issue, shouldn’t we hear the medical situations from doctors, physicians, professors and hospitals, like we heard after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster? Why are politicians, police and the Deep State Health Dept suddenly so involved in the flu (corona) this year? Does it make sense that President Trump mobilized millions of troops as well as the navy, called up an additional million reservists, send thousands of troops and marines to Europe, Australia and Israel and had tanks rolling down the streets worldwide for the flu (corona)?

      That’s because this coronavirus (the flu, as it used to be called) is not a medical virus as much as it is President Trump’s and the world leaders’ “Draining of the Swamp” who have been a plague on humanity for over 200 years. It is a “virus” to get rid of the “invisible enemy”, as Trump calls it, who are roaming the streets knowing they’re being pursued and are out to retaliate. They are also in hundreds of deep down underground tunnels globally waging real war with the military. Million of these corona criminals have b”H been arrested or eradicated worldwide, even though the media is keeping it quiet – for the moment to keep the calm.


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