NYC Traffic Cop Calls Driver ‘Stupid Jew’ In Manhattan


An NYPD traffic cop is under internal investigation for allegedly calling a Midtown motorist a “stupid Jew,” according to the department and reports.

The police officer is accused of yelling the insult at a driver who was attempting to make a right turn on East 57th Street and Park Avenue but, unable to get in the correct lane, attempted to make the turn anyway. That’s when the traffic cop walked over to the car and said “you can’t might a right turn, you stupid Jew.”

“I didn’t mean what I said, I apologized to the other gentleman,” the officer is captured saying on a video that does not include the initial insult.

“There is no room for intolerance in the NYPD, or anywhere. Transportation Investigations Unit is reviewing this incident,” the NYPD said in a statement.

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  1. Well, if this supposed Jew did make an illegal turn, despite all his excuses, he deserves to be ranked out.

  2. We need to remember we’re in golus. In Lakewood we’ve been getting more and more reminders for a few years already. Now it’s coming to NYC. We should not feel too comfortable. Time to change!

    • 8:50, yeah time to change. Time to unite the entire Am Yisroel as one team, and stop caring for your personal gluteus maximus while screaming “we are in golus” – take other Jew’s pain as your own, and fight those that attack our people. And as far as not to provoke goyim while we are in golus – stop flashing wealth and stop money-worship in general. There is nothing more lucrative to a wild animal than a fat target that never fights back.


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