NYC Wants Speed Cameras; State Approval Needed


red-light-cameraNew York City’s transportation commissioner wants to catch motorists who exceed the city’s 30 mph speed limit.┬áCommissioner Janette Sadik-Khan tells the New York Post that her agency is aggressively pushing for state authorization for speed cameras.

The cameras would have to be approved by the state Legislature. But so far, the Legislature has shown no interest in a bill proposing 40 speed cameras that has the support of transportation advocates.

Sadik-Khan says “speeding is a big factor in many of the worst crashes in the city.”

The city already has cameras that catch drivers who run red lights. Those cameras got the approval of the state Legislature.



  1. Any money they have to invest should be used to fix up the sanatation dept so the tax payers could get something in return for there money, but instead all they are trying to do is find ways to take more of our money

  2. It may be that ┬ôspeeding is a big factor in many of the worst crashes in the city.” But it’s finances that are pushing this along.


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