NYC’s Accused ‘Duck Sauce Killer’ Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

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The New York City man who allegedly gunned down a restaurant employee in a dispute over duck sauce was found dead in his home of an apparent suicide, his lawyer said.

Glenn Hirsch was arrested and out on bail for the April murder of Yan Zhiwen, a Chinese restaurant deliveryman the 51-year-old had feuded with over claims that he wasn’t given enough duck sauce with a November order and therefore deserved a refund. After being denied the refund, Hirsch allegedly went on a harassment campaign, stalking, slashing tires, and pointing a gun at the restaurant’s owner. All of that escalated into Hirsch shooting Yan while he was delivering food, police said. Hirsch’s body was found by detectives who were sent to his home when he missed a court appearance Friday.
Read it at New York Daily News


  1. Suicide:- Best way of handling this for we NYS taxpayers:- No court expenses and no $100,000 yearly prison expenses to maintain this perp.
    I would much rather see this vast amount of NYS taxpayers money spent on new urgently needed tunnel under Hudson river.

  2. There was no proof and the charge was a hunch based on his numerous verbal fights with the delivery man.

    Two thoughts:

    – The case was widely publicized. Are they investigating whether or not this “suicide” was caused by someone else, i. e. homicide?

    – If it was suicide, was the constant ridicule in the papers and online that this man was subject to a factor? If so, shame on those who did it, because there was literally zero proof.


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