NYC’s Head Virologist: Herd Immunity Played No Role In Decreasing COVID-19 Cases

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Herd immunity wasn’t a factor in decreasing the number of cases of coronavirus in New York City, a top city doctor said Friday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Dr. Jay Varma attributed the city’s good numbers to everything but herd immunity — including social distancing, good hygiene and an increase in testing and tracing.

“I think that herd immunity is a very unlikely explanation for this because we know the vast major of New Yorkers actually weren’t infected, so we’re not nearly at a level where we would expect that immunity would play a major role in decreasing transmission,” Varma, the city’s senior adviser for public health, said at the mayor’s daily press briefing.

“There’s still far too many New Yorkers that are susceptible,” he added.

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  1. Great precautions like unlimited protests!!!!! Looting!!!! Social distances…. bla bla , just face it no nothing.

  2. …yet this narishkeit continues… I hope no one except those truly vulnerable take the vaccine. And herd immunity absolutely helped here in the UK! We didn’t lockdown too early and BH it’s basically all over here!

  3. Either Deblasio & Company are lying about there not being an increase in infections.

    Or the Deblasio endorsed “black lives matter” protests/riots – without any social distancing, have unequivocally proven that there is herd immunity.

    Either way Deblasio is lying!!

  4. Honorable Mayor DeBlazio (sio),

    Your oratory and intellectual skill of using infrequently used keywords in the patriotic language is amazoning (amazing). You blurt with your mouthpiece words like social-distancing, shelter in place, BLM, Curves, etc. Does this make you an intellectual, intelligent, educated person?

    Are you able to read and decipher graphs that consist of curves horizontally and vertically?

    Why cannot you see the curves of shootings in the correct direction in your colorful community and rationally propose to do something about it.

    Why do you stupidly blame the increased shootings on the pandemic as you stated last week instead of recognizing the consequences of your rhetoric?
    Why did you keep the schools open at the beginning of the pandemic when it seemed prudent to close them?
    Why do you think that now you finally know what to do?

    Why do you abuse taxpayers money to hire fake-experts (Jay Varma)who will encourage your downward spiraling insane opinions?

    Are you possibly Color Blind?
    Are you possibly Curve Blind or are you Dyslectic? Maybe ‘graphic’ incoherent?
    Are you dyslectic horizontally or vertically or both?
    Are you able to tell time? Or Is your clock off?
    Do you think that it may be Alzheimer’s?
    Should you possibly resign and head to a nursing home.
    Are you truly afraid you will die there? You are obviously a strong person (neutral gender) and were not afraid to demonstrate with the thousands of BLM people. Are they HERD immune by now? My Expert opinion is that the nursing homes are also Herd immune by now.

    Now I get it.

    A nursing home will deprive you of meeting with your beautiful family.

    Good night, Mayor

  5. Herd immunity is the only explanation of the covid19 daily fatalities curve in NYC. Basically, currently there are about 5 covid19 fatalities a day in NYC, after three digits a day back in April. The New Yorkers didn’t really become more “socially distant”; in fact, less so, with the BLM “protests” going on in close quarters; yet, the covid19 daily fatalities dropped to single digits; therefore, the only logical explanation is that the herd immunity has been achieved in NYC. From here we can conclude that at least a half of the NYC population has been infected at some point, without any major symptoms, and hasn’t been diagnosed. Any person with an IQ above 85 can follow the daily fatalities data, and arrive with the same conclusion. So, Dr Varma, you serve as a proof that an idiot, even with a diploma, is still an idiot. Now, I wouldn’t call Mayor Wilhelm an idiot; it’s offensive; to idiots worldwide, that is.


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