NYPD Blames Civilian Run Over by Cops in Williamsburg

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The New York Police Department is fighting a lawsuit filed by the family of a Brooklyn man killed in a crosswalk by an on-duty officer by blaming the victim for having dared to cross the street.

Sixty-one-year-old Spanish teacher Felix Coss was struck on July 6, 2013, by a marked police van driven in Brooklyn by Officer Paula Medrano, and later died of his severe head injuries. Video shows Coss waiting for the proper signal to enter his crosswalk in Williamsburg before the police van turns left from an intersecting street and pummels into the man. Coss’s family filed suit, claiming the officer had driven recklessly, used a cellphone, and failed to yield to the crosswalk.

The NYPD has responded by saying Coss “assumed the risk” of his injuries by entering a crosswalk. The victim “knew or should have known in the exercise of due/reasonable care of the risks and dangers incident to engaging in the activity alleged,” the department continued. Read more at Streetsblog.




  1. If this isn’t the ultimate chutzpah I don’ know what is. Cops give hundreds of summons for not yielding to pedestrians and they have the nerve to say this man was wrong.

  2. This is corruption at its worst. The cop should get a lifetime prison sentence. Its no wonder why normal people HATE the police.


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