NYPD Cop Placed In Headlock While Trying To Break Up Bronx Crowd, Video Shows

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A pair of NYPD cops simply wanted to disperse a crowd gathered on a hot July night at a Bronx street corner.

But as this disturbing video shows, in an instant the two officers found themselves surrounded by angry, taunting bystanders.

And as the crowd cheered, a man they were trying to arrest put one of the two officers in a headlock — one of the very maneuvers they themselves will, under a new City Council bill, soon face misdemeanor charges for using.

The NYPD knows who the “headlocker” is — he is a known gang member who turned himself in a week later to the 46th Precinct, where the brawl happened, a law enforcement source said.

Read more at THE NY POST.



  1. Barbarians at the gate. Listen to R. Kessin’s latest video. Also R. Wein’s latest essay. Historically great civilizations destroyed from within.


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