NYPD Denies Report Of Police Ticket Quotas


nypd[Audio below.] The New York Police Department is denying a report it forces officers to write a certain number of summonses, despite new secret recordings suggesting a quota system is in place. The New York Times released the recordings, reportedly made by an officer at the 81st precinct in Brooklyn.

It is the latest in a series of secret tapes made by officers who say mandatory ticket quotas interfere with other important police work and damage community relations.

The tapes include a police captain warning officers that his commanders are demanding each officer write 20 summonses a week for low-level infractions and traffic violations.

The recording says at one point, “They’re counting seatbelts and cell phones. They’re counting double-parkers and bus stops. If tours contributed five seatbelts and five cell phones a week, five double-parkers and five bus stops a week, okay. If I get the same numbers from the third platoon, whenever midnight kicks, in it’s gravy. But you as the bosses have to demand this and have to count it.”

A police spokesman says the recordings do not prove a quota system and are just examples of supervisors trying to motivate under-performing officers.

Click below for an audio report and the leaked audio of the police captain:

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  1. whoever still has any respect for the police system as it is today has not seen what i’ve seen and some of it,firsthand.we are not talking andy griffith type of people.they are often guilty of abuse and trickery and catastrophic lack of good judgement.


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