NYPD: Examples Of Troubling ‘Knockout’ Game Popping Up All Over

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fist-punch-knock-outA disturbing and brutal game among teens is also targeting other victims in other cities.

Just last week, CBS 2’s John Slattery reported on a disturbing series of attack on Jews in Brooklyn. Now we’re find out New York City is not alone.

Brutal video is coming in from various places, including Pittsburgh, where a teacher was attacked, and London, where a teen was hit from behind. On Tuesday afternoon, CBS 2 learned of another victim – a 78-year-old woman attacked a week ago Shabbos in Midwood.

It’s called the “knockout game.”

The victim in Pittsburgh was 50-year-old James Addeslpurger. A 15-year-old was charged with assault.

At a community meeting between blacks and Jews in Crown Heights, an assistant police chief said there have been four such assaults since early October. So, more police have been deployed. Many present said young African-Americans need to be educated about such bias crimes.

“We need to engage these young people and engage their parents,” said the Rev. Taharka Robinson of the Brooklyn Anti-Violence Coalition.

Assemblyman Hikind said that’s fine, but he wants more.

“I’m for people being arrested. That would be the best education in the world,” Hikind said.

Hikind urged the NYPD to catch those responsible quickly and show the “knockout game” is not a game at all.

Many are calling “knockout” another example of peer pressure and showing off, with tragic and sometimes fatal results.

Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

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  1. If you’ll notice, these attacks are always done with a group of thugs. These cowards never do it when they’re alone. Hopefully, next time they’ll miss & their intended victim will be one of their own group.

  2. Game?!

    Treat attempted murder as a game?!

    What is going on in this country?!

    Yes, it’s going on all over the world. But, here is where we live and where there has been historically more moral sensitivity than in most other countries.

    These cowards and murderers, teenage or older, should be treated as such by police, government on all levels, and society.

    The effects of greatly increasing lack of respect for morality (not to mention G -d given morality) are on display.

  3. and where are all the black clergymen on this? for black teenagers this is a game; for white teenagers, such behavior is called racism. I am certain that many African americans are ashamed of what happened, so why aren’t they doing nything about it?

  4. it is not a game at all it is so stuped that kind of game is spering all over place like a wild firer as thay say one punch spereds like crace keep your hands to your self


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