NYPD: Jewish Boy Knocked to the Ground in Boro Park During Robbery for His Scooter

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Mark Hirshberg reports for JP UPDATES that a robber knocked down an 11-year-old Jewish boy on Tuesday in Boro Park, Brooklyn, and fled the scene with the boy’s scooter.

The robbery took place at approximately 8:00 p.m. when the boy was riding on his scooter at 14th Avenue and 42nd Street. A black male pushed the boy to the ground and took the scooter without saying anything to the boy, police said.

The police describe the suspect as a 5-foot, 5-inch black teenager.



  1. “The police describe the suspect as a 5-foot, 5-inch black teenager”

    Please remove the word black, from black teenager. That is racist. Just write 5 foot 5 teenager. Its statements like that, that are causing mistrust in the black community.

  2. wow that is the best description i have ever heard. if any one sees a 5’5 black guy you should call the police right away since you have found the guy.

  3. Crime is getting worse as the liberals expand the jungle. Now I saw an ad on bus stop on Ave J and Coney Island ave urging people to use whatever bathroom they feel they are. Go look you will be shocked.

  4. Boro Park to NYPD: Jewish Lives Also Matter

    No Surprise. Since the Shomrim/66 Pct saga, interest and protection for boro park on the part of the NYPD has plummeted.

    B/t/w the location of the crime is 2 blocks from SHOMRIM headquaters and……


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