NYPD Officers Being Investigated for Helping Frum Man With Wedding Proposal at Fake Traffic Stop

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Three New York Police Department officers are now being investigated for helping a frum couple with their marriage proposal.

Matzav.com first reported on the stunt last week. The three cops staged a fake traffic stop to help 22-year-old Yehuda Coriat propose to 20-year-old Sorah Oppen in Queens last Wednesday. A friend – Boro Park Shomrim volunteer Yoel Tyrnauer – asked officers from the 101st Precinct in Far Rockaway to assist the couple with the humorous proposal.

The off-duty officers made up an accusation that they were transporting weapons and drugs in the car, and the officers made Sorah open the trunk, from which balloons popped out, accompanied by flowers.

Yehuda then proposed. Sorah accepted.

But now there’s trouble, as the NYPD announced that it is investigating the officers.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said at a press conference yesterday that it is now unclear if the officers involved in the mazel tov were not working at the time.

“Was it an on-duty or off-duty incident? Was department equipment involved? What was the origin of it?” Bratton said. “So we just don’t have that information at this time. They could face discipline if it was found that their behavior was inappropriate.”

Bratton said that the proposal in under investigation by the precinct commander to decide if protocol was broken.


{Gavriel Sitrit-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I luv this story! And I luv how everyone is goign coo koo about whether it was mutar or assur. FUn funf un!. Keep uo the good Matzav news

  2. Oh c’mon! Gimme a break! When the police are neighborly and friendly there are also complaints!!?? This is good police/public relations! Stop the nonsence! They ought be commended!

  3. Of course protocol was broken. Even if the police were off-duty, they were impersonating officers on-duty, using misappropriated government equipment — their uniforms and car — to enhance the impersonation. They deserve having the book thrown at them, and no less.

  4. By itself, the action that the three officers did, which was that of helping people — in this case it was the Mitzva Raba of helping a good man and woman get married — was clearly a wonderful deed for which they should be awarded a beautiful medal. At the same time though, our Torah teaches us that there cannot be a Mitzva Haba B’Aveira – a good deed cannot be accomplished by the means of doing a bad deed. So here, it is a nice idea to clarify exactly what happened: was this good deed from beginning to end a purely good deed? Or, was it a good deed that was accomplished by the means of doing a couple of not-so-good-deeds?

    So again, we should clarify exactly “WHAT HAPPENED”?

    If what happened was that Mr. Yoel Tyrnauer walked into the office of the 101st Precinct and asked the receptionist how he could get a few policemen for his little stunt. The receptionist showed him to one of the administrators, who, upon hearing his request, broke into a big smile and exclaimed: “I know just the guys for this!” He pulled over three officers whom he instructed: “Go with Mr. Tyrnauer!”

    If this is what happened, then everyone obviously did exactly what they were supposed to do.

    If though, what happened was that Mr. Yoel Tyrnauer was walking on a street in Far Rockaway where he saw three policemen. He walked up to them and asked: “Could you please give me a hand with something?” and they replied “Sure! Let’s go!”

    So if this is what happened, there are a number of items to clarify. When they replied that they would help him, did they call their supervisor to inform him of what they were doing and get his approval? Because if they had done that and the supervisor had approved, then, again, obviously what they all did was all 100% “AOK”!

    Now, if they had NOT checked with their supervisor — well, what exactly ARE their guidelines and rules? Was there really a need to ask their “higher ups” for “permission” for this, or was it already well understood within their guidelines that to stage a requested-all-in-friendly-fun-pretend-traffic-stop was completely permitted???

    Also to be clarified is WHEN did they do this. For if — like originally reported — they did this when they were “OFF duty,” being then “their time,” they certainly then had the freedom to do what they wanted! But even if it was when they were “ON duty” — there are countless periods during “on duty” when there are no problems to attend to; during those moments of inactivity, officers will often pass the time by mulling around on a sidewalk or going into a restaurant or even a bar and having a drink or two, AND THERE ARE NO COMPLAINTS ABOUT THAT!!

    So here, even if the officers were then on duty, as at that particular moment “nothing was doing,” instead of slipping into a bar, they went to help Mr. Tyrnauer with his friends. SO WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THAT????????

  5. The police officers did not do anything wrong or inappropriate. They performed a community service for which the 101 PCT is well known for in the Far Rockaway community for all of its residence. Its the news media whos to be blamed, because they are always on the lookout to find some fault with the NYPD. They take a totally insignificant story such as this incident, which no one would really care about, and turn it into something major as if some crime would have been committed.
    As always we are deeply appreciative to the 101 PCT, to their police officers and especially to its commanding officer, and executive officer, for everything they do to keep our community safe. G-d should keep a watchful eye on all of them that they may continue in their duties safely and keep them out of harms way. THANK YOU TO ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE 101 PCT>, and to the entire NYC Police Department.

  6. What I find a problem with is the way this proposal was performed. Achrei Chukas Hagayim Loy Selechu, since when do we get down on the knees to propose? When did this become an accepted method of proposal? This is not our Derech! Its totally unaccepted in our Minkagim. Where do they learn this stuff from. I know the answer and I think most people do as well. Just another minor thing that our Rabbanim should speak out against.
    Secondly where do people get these Mushigasen, who would think of such a proposal. Probably scared the girl out of her mind! A nice dinner proposal is not good enough anymore?
    So don’t blame the NYPD, blame the people who came up this crazy idea for a proposal!

  7. I was very heartened to see some great remarks here, especially the second one from “Not Again!” who exclaimed:
    “Oh c’mon! Gimme a break! When the police are neighborly and friendly there are also complaints!!?? . . . . . Stop the nonsense! They ought be commended!”

    At the same time though, I was greatly pained to see the huge negative “tumult” made about this incident at Matzav’s first report of it at http://matzav.com/watch-nypd-officers-help-frum-man-with-wedding-proposal-at-fake-traffic-stop/ (and a tiny bit here too). And I was especially severely horrified to see a couple of excessively mean remarks from an evidently all-in-one-prosecutor-judge-jury-&-executioner.

    This sadly shows a problematic phenomenon of human behavior: You can set up a brilliant beautiful DIAMOND, and there will be some people who will proclaim that it is bad!


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