NYPD Says Vandalism Not Behind Toppled Headstones At Jewish Cemetery, Hikind is Not Buying It

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The New York Police Department says no evidence of vandalism has been found at a predominantly Jewish cemetery where more than 40 tombstones were toppled over, CBS NEW YORK reports.

The NYPD says after consultation with the management of the Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn, it was determined the 42 tombstones came down as a result of a number of factors. Those include long-term neglect or lack of maintenance, as well as environmental factors such as soil erosion.

“When you see dozens of tombstones, you can’t ignore it,” councilman David Greenfield said. “When you see a hole in the fence where there used to be barbed wire, you can’t ignore it.”

Hikind released a statement Sunday casting doubt on the NYPD investigation. “More than 40 headstones were overturned. These stones were all in the same section where barbed-wire had been cut. Despite the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of graves stretching over many blocks, this was the only section where gravestones had been turned over. This area is less than 5% of the total cemetery grounds,” Hikind said. “So strong winds hit this section and left the other ones alone? I find that hard to believe. Something is definitely not kosher.” Read more at CBS NEW YORK.


  1. Any slight tremor in the ground will topple a stone especially ones built on small foundation. Yidden don’t get bent out of shape it’s all good. Purim peasach and chil hamyed.

  2. This is an old problem with Washington Cemetery. I remember playing in Friends Field (next door) as a kid growing up in the 70’s and we used to see even then, overturned gravestones. It leads one to believe that the management just doesn’t give a damn. It’s a very old cemetery and most of the people buried there don’t have any close relatives still alive. You’re talking about grandchildren & great grandchildren who are nebach so far removed (spiritually & emotionally) from the departed, that they couldn’t care less. They are busy with their own lives, so the past can go jump in the lake. If the relatives don’t care, the cemetery management certainly doesn’t care. Nebach.


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