NYT: Dr. Deborah Birx Told the White House in April That Coronavirus Was Going Away

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Dr. Deborah Birx, the chief medical officer on the White House coronavirus task force, painted a rosy picture of the coronavirus pandemic for President Donald Trump that led to the mid-April decision to push for reopening, The New York Times reports. According to the Times, Birx believed the virus in the United States would follow the same pattern as it did in Italy, with a sharp peak and a gradual decline into negligible case numbers. She was, of course, wrong, as Americans did not follow shelter-in-place orders to the degree that Italians did, nor were such orders implemented nationwide.

Birx would reportedly walk the halls of the White House in April to deliver news that the pandemic was, on the whole, fading and would continue to do so. On April 11 in the Situation Room, she informed the task force that the country was doing well with containing the virus and that mitigation efforts were succeeding. She also reportedly wrote the guidelines given to the president that described voluntary steps states could take to reopen safely. Since April, the Trump administration has pursued an agenda of abdicating responsibility in favor of letting governors decide which tacks to pursue, which White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows dubbed “state authority handoff.” Read more at The New York Times.



  1. Birx should know, after all, she, Fauci, the WHO and CDC were behind it. In 2015 Fauci received $3.7 Million Dollars from Obama to prepare their labs for their flu bacteria to be spread worldwide. One wave of the Deep State’s scattering of their bacteria was not enough – it didn’t kill the amount of people they planned.

  2. Any Dr. that sounds like they know for sure what is going on with the corona virus, probably should not be taken to seriously because a lot of things are not very clear and certain

  3. Matzav should post President Trump’s full interview with Chris Wallace. Everyone should see his brilliance of the very stable genius.

  4. This commentary forum looks increasingly like a loony bin, either vitriol or Polyanna, no in-betweens; if this is a microcosm of Jewish America, then we’re in incredibly deep trouble

    • See. So Joe Boden is the only answer. Only a natural born leader like Basement Joe can lead us to the promised land.

      • All wrong (sad choice is to pick either megalomania, senile dementia or shlock rap). Putting words in other people’s mouths is also an appalling symptom of what I described above, thanks for confirming (although not particularly happy about that).

    • Don’t worry, I do not believe this is a fair representation of frum Yidden in America, only loonys post in the matzav comment section. However some of the comments are so off the wall that I am pretty convinced they are pranks. Like take the guy who always writes about all politicians that they are clones. I believe that post-writer is actually a Martian.


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