Obama Administration Promises Clinton Email Dump On A Day That Doesn’t Exist

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THE DAILY CALLER reports that The State Department has announced that it won’t be releasing a trove of Hillary Clinton’s emails until after the presidential election, but the day it plans to release them doesn’t actually exist.

International Business Times reported Monday that it had made a Freedom of Information Act request to the State Department for Hillary Clinton’s emails concerning the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a controversial free-trade deal. Initially, the State Department said those emails would be available by April 2016. After that deadline flew buy with no emails in sight, the Department updated its prediction, saying the emails wouldn’t be available until an estimated date of Nov. 31, 2016.

THE DAILY CALLER points out that besides shifting the email release date to after November’s presidential election, that date stands out for another reason: Nov. 31 doesn’t exist.



  1. I am sure the report will be released on Dec 1, or possibly on Nov 30, as by then it’ll be known that Mrs Clinton is not going to be the next president of the usa.


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