Obama Administration Skeptical About Netanyahu’s Call For Direct Peace Talks

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The Obama administration has expressed skepticism over Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s call for direct peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

“We of course support meaningful negotiations and we continue to believe that this conflict can only be resolved through direct negotiations between the parties….We do not believe in negotiations just for the sake of negotiations,” a senior U.S. State Department official told the Jerusalem Post.

“As we’ve said many times, it is up to the parties to decide if they are ready to make the tough decisions necessary for successful negotiations,” the official added. “For our part, we continue to call on both sides to demonstrate with policies and actions a genuine commitment to a two-state solution.”

The Obama administration’s statement comes as France is organizing a meeting of world leaders in early June to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Netanyahu has opposed the French approach, telling French Prime Minister Manuel Valls that he prefers direct negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians.

France plans to use the meeting to help plan a larger summit next fall on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and to introduce a United Nations Security Council resolution on the issue.




  1. Well, you can tell France to go jump in the lake! Who are they to pressure Israel?! They haven’t learnt anything from the terrorism that was perpetrated on their land. Jews are being forced to flee that Anti Semitic cesspool. Let the Lurch & his buddies immigrate there.

  2. Quite frankly, the Obama administration would be skeptical of Prime Minister Netanyahu if he said the Sun is hot.
    The relationship is badly fractured, quite likely beyond repair at this point. For whatever reason, President Obama came into office with a negative attitude toward Israel and particularly Netanyahu, and (although it’s had its ups and downs over the last seven years) right now it’s worse than ever. I hope the next President – be it Clinton or Trump – will have a better relationship with Israel.

  3. President Obama loves Israel more than even Netanyahu does. Any problems with the relationship are Netanyahu’s fault entirely.


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