Obama Asks Netanyahu for ‘A Breather’ From Iran Criticism

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netanyahu-obamaPresident Barack H. Obama has asked Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to “take a breather” from his “clamorous criticism” of an interim deal with Iran over its nuclear program while the United States starts talks on a comprehensive pact, the Washington Post reported.

Obama and Netanyahu spoke on the phone Sunday, in a conversation meant to calm the prime minister’s concerns about the “first stage” deal between Tehran and the P5+1 countries – the permanent five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany.

“A wild card in these negotiations is Israel,” Post columnist David Ignatius wrote Wednesday about the next stage of the talks with Iran.

“Obama has asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take a breather from his clamorous criticism and send to Washington a team that can explore with U.S. officials a sound end-state strategy. Perhaps the United States and Israel need a back channel, outside the bombastic pressure campaign by Israeli advocates.”

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  1. That is tantamount to this government’s positions when they were told where to bomb to avoid the slaughter of ten thousand Yidden per day during WWll. Dare Netanyahu listen! The lives of Yidden are at stake and this squatter at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who has criminal act after criminal act on his plate is now going to dictate! Shame on him, again and again! NSA and Snowden, IRS, the scandalous Obamacare, the disastrous new Geneva agreement where he allows the Iranians shochtim to agree to a deal while they themselves say they’re moving forward with their plans! And now he’s going to dictate to how Israel should protect themselves! Enough of your lies and deceitful behavior! You ought be brought up on charges and imprisoned!

  2. I’ll make a deal with your enemy, but shh, no complaints!
    The truth is that all the prime ministers and presidents are pawns in Hashem’s hands.
    Let’s hope we deserve better on both sides. Maybe this Chanukah we can be zoche to a victory over our true enemies.


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