Obama Campaign Rejects Claim Biden May Be Replaced by Cuomo on 2012 Ticket

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obama_bidenVice President Joe Biden is on the 2012 re-election ticket, President Obama’s aides said Tuesday after a report suggested that the campaign may be willing to replace him with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
The New York Post reported that Cuomo, who was elected governor in November 2010, is having a great year. Some in the state GOP even say he’d be an asset to the president.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt Obama is going to pick him as his running mate. The president is in trouble and Biden doesn’t bring anything to his ticket,” said William Powers, a former New York Republican Party chairman, according to The Post.

But the claims that Cuomo will be called up to serve may just be a “trial balloon” out by Albany rather than Washington, said K.T. McFarland, a Fox News national security analyst who ran as a Republican in 2006 for the New York Senate seat.

Rumors of mid-campaign replacements are usually just that. Cuomo, however, has not denied an interest in higher office, and was noticeably quiet after predictions were made last week that he could run for president in 2016.

Biden may not be out on his nose if a replacement were made. He could take Hillary Clinton’s position as secretary of state as she has previously indicated she’s nearly ready to retire from the fast-moving position as the nation’s top diplomat.

A source familiar with Cuomo’s thinking jokingly told The New York Post that if the president called, “He won’t answer.” While some voters might be annoyed to have him leave New York only two years into his four-year term, Cuomo might also have little incentive to run for vice president, especially if Obama were to lose.

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  1. No one can name one thing Obama decided/ done/ or brought to the world that is both [1] different than GW Bush and [2] caused a security erosion for israel.

    The only difference between GW Bush and Obama is that

    [1] all the Republicans and the Jewish Republican Coalition and Congress were silent when bush created the “no natural growth” Roadmap in the midst of the intifada and

    [2] all the Republicans and the Jewish Republican Coalition and Congress were silent when Bush gave his policy speech in the Rose Garden with Abbas on May 26, 2005 when he said what Obama said regarding the basis for negotiations
    GW BUSH: ”Israel must continue to take steps toward a peaceful future, and work with the Palestinian leadership to improve the daily lives of Palestinians, especially their humanitarian situation. Israel should not undertake any activity that contravenes road map obligations or prejudice final status negotiations with regard to Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem. Therefore, Israel must remove unauthorized outposts and stop settlement expansion….Any final status agreement must be reached between the two parties, and changes to the 1949 Armistice Lines must be mutually agreed to. A viable two-state solution must ensure contiguity on the West Bank, and a state of scattered territories will not work. ( There must also be meaningful linkages between the West Bank and Gaza). This is the position of the United States today; it will be the position of the United States at the time of final status negotiations…. ”

    [3] all the Republicans and the Jewish Republican Coalition and Congress were silent when Bush gave his Annapolis speech reaffirming the Roadmap and his 2005 speech.

    [4] all the Republicans and the Jewish Republican Coalition and Congress were silent as Bush engaged in the negotiations to give away 100% of the mileage of the West Bank with a 6.8% land swap and the parts of East Jerusalem which GW Bush bragged about in his book Decision Points.

    The whole discussion of Obama’s danger to the state of israel is like when the name calling was made against Clinton.
    furthermore i just want to bring attention to the Q & A section of the GW Bush May 26th speech”
    Reporter Asks: “And the question to President Bush, we heard your remarks. You talked about clear American position about the issue of settlements. But Israel continues to build settlements and continues to seize Palestinian territories. What is your position, Mr. President?”
    “Well, I told you what my position was. And it’s exactly what I said when I was in Crawford, by the way, when Prime Minister Sharon was there, as well. I mean, when you say you’re going to accept the road map, you accept the road map. And part of the obligations of the road map is not the expansion of settlements. And we continue to remind our friends, the Israelis, about their obligations under the road map, just like we remind President Abbas about the obligations under the road map that the Palestinians have accepted. So nothing has changed.”

    here arutzsheva exposed bush and Sharon

  2. #1:

    This shows what kind of sick broken-record liberal you are. What the [insert word] does Bush’s stance on Israel have to do with Cuomo versus Biden?

    And I don’t think all liberals are sick (liberalism is), but you are.


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