Obama Commutes Sentences for 58 Inmates

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President Barack Obama commuted sentences for 58 federal prisoners, 18 of whom were serving life sentences.

The White House said Thursday most of the inmates, who are now due for release on Sept. 2 or over the next two years, were non-violent drug offenders. Obama’s latest wave of commutations is part of the administration’s broader strategy to reform the criminal justice system.

The president has now commuted sentences for 306 people, including 110 who had been serving life terms. Read more at NBC News.



  1. sure, their all muslims & he wants them released before his presidency is over & he loses the power to release anyone

    • You perhaps have verified statistics as to the religion of each and every one of the 58 people?

      I didn’t think so.


  2. How many were Moose-Leems?
    And Rubashkin, who was, by many brilliant legal expert and elected officials reckoning, was wrongfully jailed for 27 years by corrupt justice Linda Reade ימח שמה who ought be indicted for collusion and miscarriage of justice, continues to languish in jail. I guess Reb Shalom Mordechai ben Rivka is neither moose-leem nor a drug criminal so he’s illegible for the presidential commutation.
    I would relish the opportunity to go to visit her in jail and just taunt her. I wish her a miserable life filled with צער and עגמת נפש.

  3. Is it clear yet to everyone, including the Charlie Hall”s of the world, that OBAMA IS AN ANTI SEMITE WHO HATES YIDDEN, AND ESPECIALLY FRUM CHASSIDIK ONES?! There is no reason in the world why he let Reb SMR Rubashkin rot away!

  4. Yes it is quite clear, still he is in power, and lobbying him may help Rubashkin, while ranting about the supposed religion of the inmates who got commutation, hardly does.
    Also, don’t know about you, but I happen to agree with president Obama that the US criminal “justice” system is revolting, and especially so in its treatment of nonviolent offenders.

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