Obama Congratulates Trump, Invites Him to White House

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The White House announced Wednesday morning that President Obama had called Donald Trump to congratulate him on winning the presidential election and to invite him to visit the Oval Office.

Trump’s visit is scheduled for Thursday. Obama initially called Trump while the real-estate mogul was speaking to supporters, but campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said it was returned when he left the stage. Conway said the discussion was “a very nice talk.”


  1. Enough with the Obama bashfest, he was a bad president but he is already out the door. He invited the elected president and this is appropriate and correct, especially after such a divisive campaign. Would you rather he had suggested people to riot? Besides, maybe they’ll become good friends and Trump will appoint him commander of the organic garden, which I doubt the incumbent First Lady has patience for. We all need vegetables or shall I say legumes, they are good for the heart!


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