Video: Obama Cries During Gun Speech

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obamaPresident Obama shed tears while announcing his executive actions on gun control this afternoon.

In his speech, he implored gun-rights activists to consider the right to free exercise of religion denied of “the Christians in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Jews in Kansas City, and that was denied to Muslims in Chapel Hills, and the Sikhs in Oak Creek.” And the right to free association “robbed from moviegoers in Aurora and Lafayette.”

And, as presidential tears began to emerge, Obama invoked children and the “inalienable rights to liberty and pursuit of happiness [that] were stripped from college kids in Blacksburg, and Santa Barbara, and from high schoolers in Columbine, and from first graders in Newtown.”

After a brief pause, and with tears streaming down his cheek, Obama repeated, “First graders.”



While mentioning young children killed by gun violence.
{ Newscenter}



  1. What a great man our President is, to be so capable and yet so human! Now workplace incidents like the San Bernadino shootings won’t ever happen again. Next, I hope he tightens controls on who can obtain bombs in this country.

  2. What about knives and the people who live in Israel why does not cry for the 3 boys or what happened in Tel Aviv for the people in har nof. Even if they were Americans. Oh I forgot, do with use Obama doesn’t care

  3. What a phoney! He cries when he wants to! Like a little child! Never a tear shed over American servicemen killed while serving this country, nor over, chalila, any Jew, even an American Jew, killed רח”ל by an miscreant arab , (his nation) or any other innocent human lives that were lost in other countries! He cares about one person and that person’s כבוד: HIMSELF!


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