Obama Criticizes ‘Oppressive’ Ferguson



During a town hall style meeting in South Carolina on Friday, President Barack Obama criticized the city of Ferguson, Mo. for the “oppressive and abusive” actions against African-Americans described in a Department of Justice report.

“It turns out they weren’t just making it up. This was happening,” Obama said.

Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters at the event that the government will “use all the power that we have to change the situation there,” including dismantling the police force if necessary. Read more at Yahoo News.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Obama & Holder are two little sore losers! They are all upset that the evil white racist cop, Mr. Wilson, who shot the angelic choir boy in self defense, was PROVEN INNOCENT! To know that these two jerks are in control of this once great Nation, is very scary! Oh G-d, I can’t wait until we have a new President next year! Even a Hillary would be a step up from these bums!


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