Obama: Death Penalty ‘Deeply Troubling’

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obamaPresident Barack Obama came the closest yet to opposing capital punishment during an interview with The Marshall Project.

When asked if he is opposed to the death penalty, Obama said his “heartfelt” position is that it is justified “in theory, but in practice it is deeply troubling.”

The president said blacks are disproportionately sentenced to death, that bringing people to execution is costly and time-consuming, and most of all, people on death row have been found to be innocent. Obama said he will issue more pardons and clemencies as his presidency ends. Read more at The Marshall Project.

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  1. I actually agree with President Obama on most of this one (not about the racial imbalance). On the flip side, it’s disturbing that some murderers who richly deserve death and have even been sentenced to die, such as the killers of Dr. Petit’s family in Connecticut, have had their sentences in effect overturned.

  2. Blacks are disproportionately put to death because they disproportionately do the crime. And it wouldn’t be so time consuming and expensive if they were put to death quickly. The cost of life in prison is far greater than putting him to death. There needs to be more death penalty and more immediate.
    Look at the society he espouses. Kill the innocent unborn but pity and support the murderers! What a twisted morality and he sees nothing wrong with it.

  3. Yes, I agree with Barry. He should invite them to come live with him in the White House. After all, they are all hero’s and are only in prison because of the white racist policies of this evil country.

  4. It is morally wrong NOT to have a death penalty on the books. It indicates a lack of appreciation of the severity of the crime of killing someone.

  5. Obama is such a coward, and his liberal supporters in the media want you to believe that he is courageous.

    If he’s against the death penalty, let him come out and say it. That’s not such an outrageous position; many other people are against the death penalty, including some who sit on the Supreme Court.

    But there’s no advantage for him to say that, since his supporters already believe that he’s against the death penalty without his saying so. Their reasoning is that Obama is perfect, and a perfect person would be against the death penalty, ergo Obama must be against the death penalty. QED.

    He did the same thing with same-sex marriage. He was actually against it, until it became obvious that it would win the day, at which time he came out in favor of it. The trick was that his supporters actually believed that he was in favor of it, even though he had said the opposite.


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