Obama Defends 2016 US Refusal to Veto UN Measure Condemning Israeli Settlements

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Former President Barack Obama this week defended his decision to allow a December 2016 United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements to pass in the waning days of his administration, blaming the “skyrocketing” pace of settlement construction.

“The pace of settlement construction skyrocketed making it almost impossible to make any kind of Palestinian state,” Obama said during a talk at Temple Emanu-El in New York City on Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported.

“Voting against the resolution would have damaged our credibility on affirming human rights only when it’s convenient not when it has to do with ourselves and our friends,” the former president said.

At the time, the Obama administration refused to use US veto power in the Security Council to block Resolution 2334, breaking with decades of American policy of defending Israel against one-sided UN measures targeting the Jewish state.

Obama also downplayed America’s relatively strained relationship with Israel under his administration, arguing that his decisions on the Jewish state were reflective of the strong bonds between the countries.

“To be a true friend of Israel it is important to be honest about it, and the politics of this country sometimes do not allow for it,” Obama said.

Obama pointed to the September 2016 signing of a historically large $38 billion US military aid package to Israel as a sign that he is a staunch supporter of the country.




  1. Obama was trying to solve a problem that has been “kicked down the road” for decades. This problem will not be solved because it is in the interests of the leaders of that area to keep the conflict going. Peace is the LAST thing Netanyahu or any arab leader wants.

    • What a ridiculous statement. Of course Prime Minister Netanyahu wants peace, as do almost all Israeli Jews all across the political spectrum. So-called hardliners gave up the Sinai and Gaza among other concessions for peace. Also offered (but not accepted) were the West Bank, Eastern Yerushalayim and Har HaBayis. Arabs have degrees of self-governance in areas A and B. Every Jewish soldier who dies in combat and every Jew who’s murdered by terrorists is a wrenching tragedy. How can you possibly believe such a false statement as the one you made?

      • If Netanyahu did not have the security issue then he would have nothing to offer as a Prime Minister. The conflict is kept alive because the people in power benefit from a state of hostility. What would all the people who make the guns, planes, tanks, etc do if there were a REAL peace? Follow the $$$

        • So much ignorance coupled with lies and lunatic theories, it’s hard to know where to begin.

          1) Netanyahu has extensive experience in government, including a couple of years as Finance Minister where he did a great job of modernizing Israel’s economy. After achieving peace, the economy is probably the number-one issue to any countries citizens. Furthermore, there would be an enormous peace dividend if Israel didn’t need to expend such a huge portion of its GDP on the military and its hardware.

          2) Nobody benefits from hostilities with Israel’s neighbors. Certainly Netanyahu who’s been a soldier himself, lost a brother in combat, and has kids who served in the military understands the costs of war. To accuse him of deliberately sacrificing Israeli soldiers and civilians in order to remain in power is a blood libel. It also doesn’t make any sense – he’d be infinitely more popular if he was able to make a real peace.

          3) Arms manufacturers are bribing Israeli government officials not to make peace? OK, now we’re entering lunatic territory.

    • Excuse us here…but how can your name be Joseph, unless you’re not Jewish, say that leaders in Israel don’t want peace? We know exactly why the arabs don’t want it, but there is nothing we want more than to be left alone and live in peace, not pieces. And because the arabs want to see us in PIECES, literally and figuratively, and float away into the sea, we have to secure our citizens before anything…So to say Natanyahu doesn’t want peace is ludicrous…and shameful.

  2. Well, reform Jews like to rewrite the truth, and so does Hussein Obama. So it’s certainly appropriate for him to go to a bunch of revisionists to revise his true actions.
    He still lives in a “fake” reality that he was some sort of friend of Israel. He’s a Sonei Yisroel through and through, and from the moment he took office (and met with all the arab states before going to Israel), to his last breath sending truckloads of illicit cash to his true friends, the Iranians – history will tell the tale of someone who is a terrorist at heart, and wants exactly what the palestinians want – the end of the Jewish state.
    May Hashem wipe Obama’s name from this earth.

  3. Israel has the right to be build as many settlements they wish all over their country. Yehuda and Shomron, aka the West Bank, belongs to Israel just like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

    America’s 44th ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL PRESIDENT who should be in jail for forging his Birth Certificate should butt out of Israel’s affair. He’s a disgrace to America.

  4. “The pace of settlement construction skyrocketed making it almost impossible to make any kind of Palestinian state,”
    Of course the only reason why there is no peace is because Israel builds settlements.

    Is it ignorance or bias or even Anti Semitism that makes him tick?

  5. Ex-president Obama is a filthy liar on this issue. He totally ignores Israel’s past history of surrendering territory for peace, its willingness to surrender almost all of the West Bank, eastern Yerushalayim (even Har HaBayis!) and its repeated concessions just for the sake of negotiations. He loathes Prime Minister Netanyahu, doesn’t much care for Israel, and backstabbed Israel after the 2016 U.S. election when he had the opportunity to hit them without repercussions to Democratic candidates.
    The U.S. aid package is generous and very appreciated (ingratitude would be wrong), but even that came with strings attached, such as new restrictions on what it could be spent on and restrictions on Israel requesting additional future assistance.

  6. Why is this idiot so “concerned” about Israel and where they build? Does the Israeli government mix in if a homeowner in Orofino, Idaho decides to extend his back porch or build a shed in his backyard???

    Why does the world care where Israel has their Capitol? If the United States would declare today that they are moving their Capitol from Washington to Manhattan, would ANYONE in the world say boo??? Nobody cares! Why should anyone care what Israel does??? Sick sick evil world. I can’t wait for the final battle when all evil and wickedness will be expunged from this earth.

  7. So many posts above are so right on the money especially post by I’m not Mrs. Himmelstein and by Anonymous, #12.

    Once Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright along with Aires protege’, always their protoge’! This piece of Amaleik is simply doing what his DNA requires him to do – hate Jews and hate Isreal.

  8. What does Obama think? Do you know what I see “skyrocketing”? Big ballistic missiles we must shoot to remove the ones that they shoot at us. This is a clear enemy.

    Bad smells are sometimes rocket fuel. We might have never needed it if the enemy was not so clear in its aim and hate.

    Obama is a simple man. Wise and fully just a bargain. First to dream of the way an America here can be kept. He did not know one thing about the worth of the Jewish vote. Worse to pick and his buddy Axelrod is a mamzer appearance of a jew. Very bad.

    • As you well know, Obama and his minions blame cows for flatulating and causing global warming. Back from two wont get the shade in an upright position. Funny how submarines work. Better challos than parking tickets.


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