Obama ‘Furious’ With Hillary State Department Over Egypt


hillaryIs a civil war brewing between the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton’s State Department? A New York Times story published this weekend suggests one may have erupted already.

On Shabbos, the Times, quoting numerous White House sources, sought to explain the Obama administration’s erratic policy statements during the Egyptian crisis.

The paper reported that Obama was “seething” over State Department officials’s statement suggesting that the administration did not want a quick transition of power in Egypt, with President Hosni Mubarak stepping down from his office immediately.

Obama felt that the State Department “made it look as if the administration were protecting a dictator and ignoring the pleas of the youths of Cairo.”

As Secretary Clinton and her special envoy Frank Wisner repeatedly called for an orderly transition that would include President Mubarak remaining in office for at least a period of time, Obama and his team studiously sought to undermine the State Department stance.

The Times states that Mr. Obama “was furious” about Clinton’s and Wisner’s statements, “as Mr. Obama was demanding that change in Egypt begin right away.”

Secretary Clinton was not the only figure who opposed Obama’s view. Clinton was joined by Vice President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who also were advocating that Obama adhere to a cautious and more traditional foreign policy approach toward the situation in Egypt.

Unhappy about the mixed signals high-ranking officials were giving, Obama intervened directly, telling White House advisers that “this was not the message we should be delivering.”

According to the Times, the Obama White House even recruited Democratic Sen. John Kerry to appear on “Meet the Press” last Sunday to contradict Wisner’s statements that reflected Secretary Clinton’s views. Wisner’s comments “just don’t reflect where the administration has been from day one,” Kerry said on the program. 



  1. The President is ignoring very good advice from seasoned experts. He prefers to listen to the high school kids he’s surrounded himself with at the White House.

    Leiv sarim umelachim beYad Hashem.

  2. why would matzav publish the yellow journalism inferiror newsmax coverage of a nytimes story instead of publishing the nytimes story?

    is it because matzav like the distortions and lies that newsmax puts into their articles?

    why wouldnt matzav want to publish the actual story instead of an an article from a media outlet that is joke that purports to summarize the actual story ?
    What sort of education is involved in the editor’s decision making?


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