Obama: Health Care Law Has Already Helped Millions


obama-health-careThe new health care law already is helping millions of people through tax breaks for small businesses and assistance for families with young adults, President Barack Obama said yesterday. In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama promoted his top domestic priority, which passed Congress with no Republican votes and continues to stir strong emotions nationwide. He acknowledged that many provisions will not take effect for years. But he said others are doing some families good now.Some 4 million small-business owners and organizations have been told of a possible health care tax cut this year, Obama said. On June 15, some older people with high prescription drug costs will receive $250 to help fill a gap in Medicare’s pharmaceutical benefits.

“Already we are seeing a health care system that holds insurance companies more accountable and gives consumers more control,” the president said.

Obama said Anthem Blue Cross dropped a proposed 39 percent premium increase on Californians after his administration demanded an explanation. He said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wrote to all states “urging them to investigate other rate hikes and stop insurance companies from gaming the system.”

A new federal agency will provide grants to states with the best oversight programs, Obama said.

His administration also is drafting a “patients’ bill of rights” to give consumers information about their health care choices and rights, he said.

As of September, Obama said, “the new health care law prohibits insurance companies from dropping people’s coverage when they get sick and need it most.”

He said his administration will urge large employers to follow several insurance companies’ example of allowing people under 26 to stay on their parents’ employer-provided health insurance plans starting this summer, rather than having to wait until September or later.

“Ultimately, we’ll have a system that provides more control for consumers, more accountability for insurance companies and more affordable choices for uninsured Americans,” Obama said.

Republicans continue to attack the new law as too costly and ineffective. They vow to make it a major issue in the November congressional elections.

A new Gallup poll found that the law’s enactment has not lessened Americans’ concerns about health care costs. The poll found that 61 percent worry about the costs of a serious illness or accident and 48 percent worry about normal health care costs.

{Yahoo News/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. healthcare already raising premiums everywhere not to mention 100 fine a day for 1 year for companys that refuse care to preisisting is a joke and slap in face repeal is coming

  2. This new health system will push America into total bankruptcy. The social programs that the government has managed to cook up over the years cost more for America than the revenue the government gets. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that in the long run the government will need to borrow even more than it does now from international lenders to keep these programs afloat. The new “Health Care” system will not only be in the same category as the other social programs, but will be a monster money gobbler down the road.
    Mark my words- these programs, and especially this new “Health Care” program will cause a total collapse of the American economy in the future.
    A miracle is the only thing that can help us at this rate.

  3. He might bring temorary relief for millions, but at the same time bringing hardships to ten’s of millions. He will need to increase taxes for those who allready have good health care, to give those that don’t, care.

  4. Didn’t our economy collapsed already without the health care?
    $3000.00 toilet sits by Halliburton didn’t bother you?
    And the war? And housing bubble by Wall Street and tax heavens for rich?
    The list could be long, but for many history starts only fifteen months ago.

  5. No. He is going to sneak the public opotin into the bill some way. We don’t need a government run health care which will do nothing more than raise taxes, give Americans shoddy health care, cut Medicare ( the wastes ha ha), and hurt the economy even more.


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