Obama: Health Care Probably Gonna Cost You Less Than Your Cell Phone Bill

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obama1In an interview tonight with Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball, President Barack Obama pushed for immigration reform and touted the fixes to the flawed HealthCare.gov website needed to implement his ambitious health-care overhaul.

Talking to Matthews for about an hour before a live audience at American University in Washington, D.C., Obama urged the young people attending to log on to the website while acknowledging why they might be skeptical. “I understand why people would have been resistant to goin’ on a website that wasn’t workin’ right” said Obama. “And fortunately, because of some very hard work, we’ve now got it to the point where for the vast majority of people, it’s workin’ well. And my message to young people is take a look for yourself.”

The president went on to explain why he believed it was important for young people to have health-care insurance while plugging the relative affordability of the plans. Sounding like a pitchman, Obama said “It’s probably gonna cost you less than your cellphone bill-or your cable bill, less than a hundred bucks.”

The president also blamed Tea Partiers, who he referred to obliquely as “a faction in the House Republican Party,” for the failure of efforts like immigration reform in Congress. Obama insisted a majority of the American people supported his efforts on the issue and viewed its prospects in the House positively. He told Matthews “I continue to be optimistic we’ll get it done. And I think John Boehner is sincere about getting it done.”

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  1. Did he say “less than a hundred bucks period”? I really hope he said period because that will make it real.

    I had surgery that cost over $150,000. It will take a lot of ‘hundred bucks’ to cover that. I had chemo that cost $14,000/session. It will take a lot of hundred bucks to cover that. He knows nothing about anything.

    I guess the next thing to tackle will be those outrageous cell-phone bills that cost more than medical insurance.

  2. Now why would Barry go on MSNBC? It has the lowest ratings from any cable station. Doesn’t he want to reach the largest audience? This fraud is really getting on my nerves.

  3. a couple of people helped
    most people hurt
    no one can afford it
    obama does not care
    its all an act
    which is why we call it the affordable care act

  4. What he means is, he’s gonna put so many taxes on your cellphone bill, it will indeed end up costing more than health insurance!

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