Obama Hosts Pesach Seder, Uses Maxwell House Haggadah

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pesach-seder-white-housePresident Barack Obama and first lady Michelle hosted their fourth Pesach Seder at the White House on Friday and the Maxwell House Haggadah was again used.

Obama’s Pesach Seder tradition started during the 2008 presidential campaign by a group of staffers who found themselves in Harrisburg, Pa., for the primary as the first seder loomed.

That 2008 hastily organized seder was led by Eric Lesser, now a Harvard Law School student who served stints in the campaign and at the White House as David Axelrod’s assistant and at the White House Council of Economic Advisors. The campaign staffers invited then Sen. Obama, who used the Maxwell House Haggadah because that’s what they could get on short notice and created a tradition that has endured.

The core of the small number of guests has stayed the same through the years: the staffers and advisers who were at the 2008 seder in Pennsylvania.

In 2009, the Obama seder used the Maxwell House Haggadah and there has been some interest in what Haggadah the Obama seder uses ever since. A few weeks ago, journalist Jeffrey Goldberg – at the end of an interview about the Mideast – handed Obama a Haggadah he was touting, the New American Haggadah.

Obama asked, according to Goldberg, “Does this mean we can’t use the Maxwell House Haggadah anymore?” Does not in the White House.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter/Lynn Sweet-Sun Times}


  1. Post No.2
    I feel bad for the President, if he does something Jewish he is blamed if he does not he is blamed. Out of respect for the President I must protest sharp degrading terms. What is it about President Obama that cause people to be so harsh? Thank you Mr President for keeping a Jewish tradition in the White House!

  2. Its Like the jews celebrating xmas…Why is he celebrating pesach if first, none of is ancestors left Mitzrayim nad second if theres no poit for him 2 do it?? LOL Its kinda funny!!

  3. Al pi hasod, many say he is the gilgul of Pharoh, hence his interest in the seder. Al pi hapshat (#5, you sound so naive), there’s only one thing that motivates a man like Obama – the hope of getting more votes and the jewish vote is not something he can afford to laugh off.


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