Obama in Letter Left for Trump: ‘Congratulations on a Remarkable Run’

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In a letter to President Trump on inauguration day, former President Barack Obama congratulated the new leader on his “remarkable run.” The letter, which was obtained and published in full by CNN, is reportedly the “last direct communication” between Trump and Obama, according to the network.
“Millions have placed their hopes in you, and all of us, regardless of party, should hope for expanded prosperity and security during your tenure,” Obama wrote, imparting four separate pieces of advice on the new president. Obama pledged that he and former first lady Michelle Obama would be willing to “help in any ways which we can.” Read more at CNN.


    • Mrs Commis is not related to me.

      Even though my wife is registered as a Democrat (we have a mixed marriage) she did not vote for nor could not vote for an anti-Jewish, anti-American idiot like obama and she did not vote for Hillary either.

      Both she and I are truly pleased that Donald Trump is our President. Finally, some normalcy.

  1. Written by someone else to make him (Obama) look normal, but DEFINITELY NOT what was and still is in his heart. Perfect example what talking out of both sides of one’s mouth means.

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