Obama: Israel Cannot “Permanently Occupy, Settle Palestinian Land”

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Many people overlooked comments by President Barack Obama on Tuesday at the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York that were blatantly anti Israel.

He that Palestinians should reject terror and incitement, but Israel must not “permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land.”

Obama added, “Surely Israelis and Palestinians will be better off if Palestinians reject incitement and recognize the legitimacy of Israel. But Israel must recognize that it cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land. We all have to do better.”

UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon also took a shot at Israel, telling the UN General Assembly that a two-state solution is the only answer and that the one-state approach would “spell doom” for both sides.

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  1. Elect Hillary in November and you’ll get more of the same. She can’t say it from today till tomorrow that she will have Israel’s back and she will be there for Israel etc. but she will be exactly like this looser president. And with those brainless people working in the State Department now it will be the same ones in a Clinton administration so don’t expect anything different.
    If you do want something different elect Donald Trump in November.

    The land of Israel BELONGS to Israel as an inheritance…there never was a Palestinian people and and we never OCCUPIED anything…You xannot occupy what is YOURS! DO u not get it, Mr President? Of course not….glad to see you go….

  3. Did the Israelis really think that they could take land with over a million hostile arabs on it? Did the Israelis think that these million (now 2 million) hostile arabs would just pick up and go away on their own? Israel and American (and the Jewish community) has been kicking this can down the road for nearly 50 years without ever thinking about a real solution.

    • Ah yea, right! It’s all Israel’s fault!
      Well, let’s see…
      1) Israel never gave land for (false) peace…
      (actually they did! they gave Egypt the whole Sinai peninsula in exchange for [cold, but real] peace)
      2) Israel never negotiated with the Palestinians.
      (actually they did! they brought Arafat from Tunis and negotiated with the PLO and allowed them autonomous government as a prelude to a state even while Palestinians continue terrorizing Israel)
      3) Israel never evacuated thousands of Jews for a chance to have peace.
      (actually they did! Israel uprooted thousands of Jewish families from their homes in Gaza and gave TOTAL control to the Palestinians who in turn elected Hamas terrorists and showered Israel with deadly rockets)
      Israel DID these and MANY other REAL efforts and compromises for peace at the cost of innocent Israeli lives from the relentless Terror & hate perpetrated by the Palestinians.
      What have you, Yossi, to say of the “real solutions” that the Palestinians offered in the last 100 years? Besides of course the one solution we all know already, it’s hanging in the office of the Palestinian president and it shows the ENTIRE state of Israel as Palestine! There’s no room for Jews in the Middle East. That is, was and with a very strong probability, continue to be the solution that the Palestinians will ever offer.
      Thank you Yossi for thinking so realistically…

  4. This is high-minded moral-equivalency pablum, to wit:

    1) The problem isn’t Palestinian “incitement”, it’s the nonstop terror attacks against men, women and children which is supported by the P.A. and its media which refuse to accept any Israeli state.

    2) “But Israel must recognize that it cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land.” Israel has already give up every square inch of Gaza and has offered almost 100% of the West Bank or equivalent territory. The P.A. has rejected every overture and never made a serious counterproposal.

    3) “We all have to do better.” Meaning YOU have to do better, conveniently blaming both sides equally; Israel which would jump at almost any serious offer that brings peace (a previous Israeli administration even offered to divide Yerushalayim and give up Har HaBayis) and the P.A. which never made a serious counterproposal and not only encourages terrorism but pays bonus money to terrorists’ families.

  5. Did you vote for Obama? Once ? Twice?

    Look in the mirror and say “I am sooooooooo stupid”.

    If you plan on c”v voting for crooked Hillary than you’re a bigger Idiot.

  6. Just tell the person of color that they cannot live in a certain neighborhood in the United States that’s Unthinkable so jews should be able to live any place they want to live in israel

  7. Hey Obama! The only thing that is occupied is the White House and it’s occupied by an undesirable, unqualified, president: You. Now get out.

  8. I expect Obama and Bank Ki-Moon to get it wrong, they have their own agendas and their interpretation of the facts(!) follows that agenda. But I have a problem with you Yossi, if that is your name, why you as a Jew cannot relate to the facts or have you simply never studied them?
    Israel got these lands as a result of a war they never wanted. They took them from Jordan and Egypt who had no right to them. (Jordan annexed West Bank in 1950 and not one country in the world besides GB recognised it!!). Israel offered immediate talks with the Arab nations in 1967 post war and they came back with no no and no (google it). A state for the Palestinians has been offered by the world in 1947 and by Israel/US many times since. The hostile Arabs as you call them are dying to make peace and have a normal life (even under the Israelis apparently), but their bosses, firstly the Arab Nations and more recently Hamas dont allow it. And you dare to point a finger at the Israelis!!

  9. Here is what israel needs to do:
    Organize hundreds of shiploads of Arabs from gaza to Europe. Europe will pay Israel to keep them. Why do the Israelis use their unhabited land to bargain for money from Europe and America. Just unleash millions of Arabs from israel to France and Germany. Clear put gaza and West Bank. Simple. The arabs don’t mind going to Europe.

  10. In addition to American occupation of lands it captured from the Indians and the British (which also stole from the Indians) and bought from the Dutch (likewise!) as stated above, below is a list of British, French and lastly Dutch occupations(!!!) over history.

    Province of Avalon
    Colony of British Columbia (1858–66)
    Colony of British Columbia (1866–71)
    British rule in Burma
    Province of Quebec (1763–91)
    Province of Canada
    Cape Colony
    British Ceylon
    Colony of Fiji
    Cook Islands Federation
    Falkland Islands Dependencies
    Gilbert and Ellice Islands
    British Hong Kong
    Crown Colony of Labuan
    British Leeward Islands
    Lower Canada
    Malayan Union
    Crown Colony of Malta
    Colony of Natal
    Colonial Nigeria
    Crown Colony of North Borneo
    Orange River Colony
    Orange River Sovereignty
    Territory of Papua
    Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla
    Crown Colony of Sarawak
    Straits Settlements
    Colony of Tasmania
    Upper Canada
    Colony of Vancouver Island
    British Windward Islands

    FRANCE (486-present)
    The Free Republic of Vercors (1944) (Republic established against Vichy France and Nazi Germany)
    Autonomous Albanian Republic of Korçë (Allied state established in 1916 by the local French forces) (1916–1920)
    Principality of Andorra (1806–1814) (the French President is Co-Prince of Andorra)
    The French occupied zone in Austria (15.8% of the current territory) (1945–1956)
    Present-day Belgium (1703–1706) (1745–1748) (1795–1814)
    Most of present-day Croatia and a part of Slovenia
    Illyrian Provinces :
    The eleven French departments of Croatia (1808–1813) (Adelsberg, Bouches-du-Cattaro, Croatie, Dalmatie, Fiume, Gorice, Laybach, Neustdat, Raguse, Trieste, Willach)
    The three French departments of Greece (1.75% of the current territory) (1797–1802) (Corcyre, Ithaque, Mer-Égée)
    Kastelorizo Island (1915–1920)
    Fort Navarin, in Pylos (1828–1833)
    Ionian Islands (1807-1809)
    Italy (1805–1814)
    Kingdom of Naples
    Veneto, Friuli and Mantua with the city of Venice (1866)
    The fourteen French departments of Italy (26.5% of the current territory) (1802–1814) (Doire, Marengo (department), Pô (department), Sésia, Stura, Tanaro, Apennins, Gênes, Montenotte, Méditerranée, Ombrone (department), Taro (department), Tibre, Trasimène)
    Town of Kehl (French administration for seven years to prevent possible German attacks after the WWI) (1918–1925) (1946–1953)
    The Confederation of the Rhine (1806–1813) (Around thirty German States)
    The French Zone of Occupation in Germany (15.7% of the current territory) (1945–1956)
    The French Protectorate of Saar (protectorate) (0.71% of the current territory) (1920–1935) (1947–1956)
    Guernsey (1204–1205) (1205–1206) (1338–1340) (1372–1373)
    Hauteville House[1]
    Jersey (1204–1205) (1205–1206) (1380–1382) (1461–1468) (1781, {failed invasion, Battle of Jersey})
    Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (1684-1686) (1792–1793) (1795–1814)
    Malta (1798–1800)
    The rock of Monaco (1793–1814)
    Netherlands (1795–1810)
    Curaçao (1713)
    Sint Eustatius (1625) (1689–1690) (1781–1784) (1795–1801)
    The Duchy of Warsaw (1807–1815)
    Portugal (1807–1810)
    Spain (1808–1813)
    Canary Islands (1402-1418)[2]
    The four French departments of Spain (6% of the current territory) (1812–1814) (Bouches-de-l’Èbre, Montserrat, Sègre, Ter)
    Switzerland (1798–1813)
    England (1066), (partly in 1216-1223)
    British overseas territories:
    St Helena
    The French domains of St Helena (1858–present) (The House of Longwood, The Valley of the Grave, Pavilion des Briars is 0,15 km ²)[3]
    Turks and Caicos Islands (1753–1754) (1778) (1783)
    Falkland Islands (1764–1767)
    Montserrat (1667) (1782–1784)
    The French domains of Vatican (Five churches and their dependence : St Louis des Français, La Trinité des monts, St Nicolas des Lorrains, St Yves des Bretons, St Claude des Francs-comtois de Bourgogne. Then, 13 Residential properties in Rome and one building and about hectares of lands to Lorette)[4]
    In the Americas:
    Taking up of the Louisiana by La Salle in the name of the Kingdom of France
    Present-day Dominican Republic (1795–1809)
    New France (1534–1763), and nearby lands:
    Acadia (1604–1713)
    Hudson Bay
    Saint Lawrence River
    Great Lakes
    Lake Winnipeg
    Present-day United States
    The Fort Saint Louis (Texas) (1685–1689)
    Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (1650–1733)
    Fort Caroline in French Florida (occupation by Huguenots) (1562–1565)
    French Louisiana (23.3% of the current territory) (1764–1804) (sold by Napoleon I)
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    Present-day Brazil
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    The island of Saint Alexis (1531)
    The Territory of Amapá (1897) (disputed Franco-Brazilian territory resolved in favour of Brazil)[5]
    The city of Viçosa-Ceará (Territory of Ibiapaba) (1590–1604)
    France Antarctique, to Fort Coligny ( Rio de Janeiro Bay) (1555–1567)
    Île Delphine’s island (1736-1737)
    The Republic of Sonora (1853–1854) (Establishes a republic for the mining of ores)
    Mexico City (1863–1867)
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    Haiti (1627–1804)
    Present-day Suriname
    Tapanahony (District of Sipaliwini) (Controversial Franco-Dutch in favour of the Netherlands) (25.8% of the current territory) (1814)
    Îles des Saintes (1648–present)
    Marie-Galante (1635–present)
    la Désirade (1635–present)
    Martinique (1635–present)
    Clipperton Island (1711–present)
    Saint Pierre and Miquelon (1604–present)
    Collectivity of Saint Martin (1624–present)
    Saint Barthélemy (1648-1784, 1878–present)
    Dominica (1625–1663, 1778-1783)
    Nevis (1782–1784)
    Grenada (1650–1762, 1779–1783)
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1719-1763, 1779–1783)
    Saint Christopher Island (1628–1690, 1698–1702, 1706, 1782–1783)
    Antigua (briefly in 1666)
    Saint Lucia (1650–1723, 1756–1778, 1784–1803)
    Present-day Guyana (1782–1784)
    Tobago (1666–1667, 1781–1793, 1802–1803)

    The Dutch Empire (Dutch: het koloniale rijk van Nederland) comprised the overseas territories controlled by the Dutch Republic and, later, the modern Netherlands from the 17th century to the mid-1950s. The Dutch followed Portugal and Spain in establishing an overseas colonial empire. For this, they were aided by their skills in shipping and trade and the surge of nationalism accompanying the struggle for independence from Spain. Before and later alongside the British, the Dutch initially built up colonial possessions on the basis of indirect state capitalist corporate colonialism, via the Dutch East and West India Companies. Dutch exploratory voyages such as those led by Willem Barentsz, Henry Hudson and Abel Tasman revealed vast new territories to Europeans, particularly in the Arctic Sea, North America, in the Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand


    And yet when little Israel surrounded by enemies are forced by those enemies to go to war and end up holding onto some land which was effectively ownerless and “perish the thought” create some settlements, there, the world goes mad.

    Did Obama ever learn any history?


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