Obama Issues 17 Pardons

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obamaPresident Barack Obama is pardoning 17 people, largely for minor offences.

The White House announced the President’s pardons on Friday afternoon. Among the crimes committed by those receiving pardons were falsely altering a money order and unauthorized acquisition of food stamps.

The pardons are the first of Obama’s second term. He granted his first pardons in December 2010, to nine people convicted of drug possession, counterfeiting and mutilating coins. He also issued two separate batches of pardons in 2011, including eight people in May for relatively minor offenses and five people that November.

Read more at NDTV.

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  1. Only one person convicted under the Espionage Act has ever been pardoned. That was Frederick Krafft, convicted in 1918 and pardoned in 1919 for alleged activities in opposition to World War I when in fact Krafft had supported the war.

    Pollard will not be the second.


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