Obama: No Shutdown ‘Winners’

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obamaFresh off his eleventh hour debt deal victory, President Obama spoke from the White House on his frustration over what he called a “manufactured crisis” caused by the lawmakers who pushed for the shutdown in the name of saving the American economy.

“Nothing has done more to hurt the economy,” he said, nor has anything done more to damage the U.S.’s credibility in the world economy. “There was no economic rationale for any of this,” he said of the government shutdown.

Going forward, Obama said the three most important things Congress can do for the country now are to pass a rational budget, “fix our broken immigration system,” and pass a farm bill. “There’s no good reason why we can’t govern responsibly, despite our differences,” he said. Read more at The Daily Beast.

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  1. Uh Barry? Make that FOUR things they can do. The fourth is get rid of obamacare. You’re squeezing us too tight. We can’t afford this bill!

  2. who’s the WE ?? Mr. President – you were elected by the people to run America the way it should be run – not to RUIN America – TAKE THE “I” out of all your speeches and let the American Taxpayers run America

  3. Sure! Only keep printing money and keep borrowing in a suicidal fashion! This excuse for an American president has a slave mentality, desiring only to bring this whole country into the slavery of debt, big gov’t., high taxes, etc.

  4. What? $17 TRILLION in national debt and a budget deficit don’t hurt the economy??

    Notice that Obama entirely skipped mentioning ObamaCare. It’s a huge failure.

    Obama is a disgraceful gangster.

  5. The King of America sounds like the monarchs of before but he has to remember what happen to the monarchs before, for instance the French Revolution, Remember let them eat cake.


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