Obama Omits God From Thanksgiving Message

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obama2President Obama gave his weekly radio address, one devoted to Thanksgiving, by praising U.S. service members and volunteers at shelters and soup kitchens.

The president outlined the many ways that Americans were coming together and the various things he was thankful for, but not once thanked God.

And that caused a stir on Twitter among conservatives.

Among the comments were things like, “So sad!” and “God help us!” Republicans across the country retweeted the Fox News headline: “Obama Leaves God Out of Thanksgiving Address.”

“To give thanks for luck is to deny God much less omit!” tweeted “PastorJeffBrown,” whose Twitter account lists him as a rural Oklahoma husband, father and Baptist pastor.

Obama’s message carried a tone of American unity and praise for those who serve others.

“We’re especially grateful for the Americans who defend our country overseas,” Obama said in his Thanksgiving Day address. “To all the service members eating Thanksgiving dinner far from your families, the American people are thinking of you today.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter with Newsmax}


  1. VOTER BEWARE!!!!!

    If he is re-elected he will be omitting many

    more issues and things as he will solely

    focus on fulfilling his plans and his

    ideology for the country in ther next four



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