Obama on the Shutdown: ‘I Will Not Negotiate’

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obama1The U.S. government shut down today at 12:01 a.m. when Congress failed to pass a spending bill – and if there’s one thing both sides agree on, it’s this: it’s the other’s fault.

“I will not negotiate,” President Obama said in an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition that will air today. “This perpetual cycle of brinksmanship has to end.”

With the looming threat of the first shutdown in 17 years, the House passed its third proposal in two weeks to try to keep the government funded – but still insisted on delaying parts of the Affordable Care Act, meaning that the funding bill was defeated by the Senate.

And Americans aren’t too happy with the finger-pointing: a CNN poll released Monday found that just 10 percent of Americans are satisfied with the job Congress is doing. Read more at NPR.

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  1. He’ll negotiate with Syria but not with Congress. That’s because he’s on the Muslim’s side, not America’s.

    How about if he declares sanctions against Congress like against Iran? For instance if he forces them to accept Obamacare instead of exempting them as they wanted. That should do it.

  2. Lets smell the brewing HOT coffee….
    It’s getting worse by the month week day hour etc., because we are not doing enough Teshuva, not enough Torah, not enough Chessed, not enough Ahavas Yisroel, Tzedakah, etc. we ain’t getting close enough to Hahsem as we should be. (some of us)

    I suggest that all the true Jews to take themselves into their hands and come closer to G-D.

    Truly give up all our nonsense, because if we don’t change our bad habits, our corrupt way of life and thinking, we will just disappear before the arrival of Moshiach Chas Vesholom.

  3. “He’ll negotiate with Syria but not with Congress.”

    There isn’t anything to negotiate. The Republicans want to deny up to 30 million Americans health insurance. That isn’t negotiable. Budget negotiations are about levels of spending and this isn’t about spending.

    But it does say something when Syria and Iran are more flexible than the Congressional Republicans. Boehner won’t even bring the clean Continuing Resolution that passed the Senate up for a vote. At least Reid gave the Republicans a chance to pass the House CR.

    ” For instance if he forces them to accept Obamacare”

    In fact, Congress, and Congressional staffers, are losing their government health insurance and have to enroll in Obamacare. That is the law.


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