Obama Praises “Morocco Summit” Which Committed to “Charter of Medina” Used To Trick and Murder Jews

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During President Obama’s speech at the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque on Wednesday, he praised a recent Morocco Muslim leadership summit, again. President Obama had praised the Morocco summit last week (Jan. 27) at the “Righteous Among Nations” awards ceremony. During both speeches, Obama claimed the Muslim leaders met in Morocco “to protect religious minorities, including Christians and Jews.” However, in fact, the Morocco summit last week culminated in a “Morocco Declaration” “firmly committed” to the “Charter of Medina.”

The Charter of Medina was a deceptive agreement that Mohammed made 1400 years ago with Medina’s ancient Jewish community to hoodwink the Jewish community into welcoming Mohammed into Medina. The Charter only gave rights to Jews who “followed” the Muslims, and required Jews to assist the Muslims in their wars. After establishing himself in Medina, Mohammed turned around and evicted, robbed, enslaved, beheaded and slaughtered Medina’s Jews in a horrible bloodbath.

During his mosque speech yesterday, Obama stated: “I want every American to remember how Muslim communities are standing up for others, as well. Because right now, as we speak, there are . . . Muslims who just met in Morocco to protect religious minorities, including Christians and Jews. (Applause.)”

Similarly during his “Righteous Among Nations” speech on Jan. 27, Obama stated: “In Morocco, leaders from Muslim-majority countries around the world just held a summit on protecting religious minorities, including Jews and Christians.”

During both of his speeches, the President failed to mention the troubling fact that the Morocco Summit culminated in the Morocco Declaration, which is based on and firmly committed to the “Charter of Medina.” The Morocco Declaration says that it “declares our firm commitment to the principles articulated in the Charter of Medina,” “reaffirm[s] the principles of the Charter of Medina,” and says that the “Charter of Medina provide[s] a suitable framework for national constitutions in countries with Muslim majorities.”

The Charter of Medina granted rights to Jews only under limited circumstances: “Those Jews who follow the believers will be helped and will be treated with equality,” and required that “The Jews will contribute towards the war when fighting alongside the Believers.”

As noted above, shortly after signing the “Charter of Medina” and establishing himself in Medina, Mohammed turned on Medina’s ancient Jewish tribes. Mohammed evicted and seized the lands of two Jewish tribes and brutally slaughtered (beheaded) 800 men and boys and enslaved the women of the remaining Jewish tribe in a sickening bloodbath.

During both his mosque speech and his “Righteous Among Nations” speech, President Obama also failed to mention that the declaration resulting from the Morocco conference urging the protection of all religious minorities appears to only apply to “countries with Muslim majorities.” In other words, the Morocco Summit apparently did not address attacks on Jews and Christians in Israel, America and Europe.

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  1. I see Matzav has picked up on the Republican rhetoric. Its typical for you evil white racists to spin everything President Obama says into an Anti Jewish slant when he has proven to be the greatest friend of Israel & the Jews the White House has ever had. Where is your hakaras hatov?


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