Obama Quietly Gives Advice to 2020 Democrats, but No Endorsement

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Former President Barack Obama has met with several Democratic presidential candidates, but he is seen as unlikely to endorse any of them before the general election, even his former Vice President, Joe Biden.

David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s former chief strategist, told a group of donors they should expect no endorsement to come from the former President. Axelrod confirmed in an interview that he briefed the gathering, recalling: “They asked me about Obama endorsing. I said, ‘I don’t imagine he will.’”

Axelrod’s forecast matches what Obama has told friends and likely presidential candidates in private: that he does not see it as his role to settle the 2020 nomination, and prefers to let the primary unfold as a contest of ideas. Michelle Obama, the former first lady, also has no plans to endorse a candidate, a person familiar with her thinking said.

Instead, Obama has counseled more than a dozen declared or likely candidates on what he believes it will take to beat President Trump, holding private talks with leading contenders like Ms. Harris, Mr. Booker and Senator Elizabeth Warren; underdogs like Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind.; and prominent figures who remain undecided on the race, like Eric H. Holder, his former attorney general, and Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York.

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  1. “Former President Barack Obama has met with several Democratic presidential candidates.” For a change a true statement. He met with Hillary, Joe Biden, Michell Obama, who else is in your vicinity that you met with…?

  2. He has no reason to make a public endorsement. It’s a lose-lose situation.

    If he endorses someone and that person loses the primaries (particularly if the person ends up an early loser) Obama loses a lot of clout and influence by betting on the wrong horse.

    Even if the person does win those who supported a different candidate will adore Obama a little less and be upset at him for ruining it for their candidate.

    And what if he endorses someone and the person turns out to be a real loser or involved in a real scandal? That would taint Obama himself.

    So why would he get publicly involved?

  3. Fake News at it again and people foolishly believe it. Haven’t they realized yet that Obama, Hillary and the rest of them are not around and haven’t been around for over 2 months? What’s with you guys? Start reading real news and stop believing mainstream fake news.

      • If you really are interested, you’d find it online in minute. If we’d provide it for you, you’d shout: conspiracies / tinfoil hatter nuts / apikoress and whatnot. By calling it a conspiracy you think you debunked it. How stupid!
        When President Trump will soon uncover the truth (regarding these “conspiracies”) for the world to see and that many were already executed because of their roles, I can just imagine you calling him a “conspiracy dictator”.

  4. The Kenyan is busy with his African basketball league. He has no time for endorsements. He will only endorse his partner in crime, the evil race hustler, Eric Witholder, should he decide to run.


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