Obama Says He’s Still Confused How Someone As Horrible As Trump Won People Over

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Barack Obama is still struggling to understand how someone like Donald Trump appealed to so many people. In a wide-ranging interview with The Atlantic to promote his upcoming memoir, A Promised Land, the former president said he’d anticipated a populist uprising after seeing how Sarah Palin excited Republican voters in 2008—but thought it would be spearheaded by someone who was, well, better.

“I will say that I’m not surprised that somebody like Trump could get traction in our political life,” he said. “But if we were going to have a right-wing populist in this country, I would have expected somebody a little more appealing.” Obama went on: “I guess I would not have expected someone who has complete disdain for ordinary people to be able to get attention and then the following from those very same people.”

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  1. Why do we need to know what this low life traitor, African born thinks?
    Him and his Democrat gang, can’t fathom that there are still many many honest pro America Patriots

  2. Funny.
    I feel the same way about Obama, and many others do. It’s quite telling that he lacks the self-knowledge to grasp how ironic some may find his statement about the president.

  3. Reported 1/2 year before Obama was coronavirused.

  4. This report was concocted 1/2 year before Obama was coronavirused and he wasn’t even around to say it then either.

  5. In the first election, Trump was not elected – the Democrats (and Clinton in particular) were rejected, leaving Trump as the default. In this second election, also, it was not Trump who was elected but, instead, it was Trump’s platform that was elected – which is why late in the race Biden falsely pretended to have introduced a new platform (which he has no intention of ever implementing) – but which in reality was in large parts stolen from Trump’s platform.

    In any case, Obama gives himself away in his musings. It is not substance that Obama is musing over – it is the pretend (and fake) image that he believes should sway the voters because he sees the voters as too stupid see through the charade. He and the Democrats have such contempt for the intelligence of the masses.

  6. simply because this country has lost its collective mind. it must be the fault of all the stupid white people who you convinced that their lives no longer matter


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