Obama to GOP: Stop ‘Hating All the Time’

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obama5President Barack Obama told Republicans to “stop just hating all the time” in reponse to the House GOP’s move Wednesday to file a lawsuit against him. Calling the lawsuit alleging he exceeded his powers in executing the Affordable Care Act a “political stunt,” Obama said Republicans only have a few years left until they “can be mad at the next president.”

Democrats have tried to link the lawsuit to talk of impeaching the president, even though House Speaker John Boehner says he has no plans to pursue the impeachment of Obama. Read more at Politico

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  1. Look in the mirror, Obama! From your own (big)mouth, Republicans are America’s biggest enemy. You hate Republicans more than Hamas!!

    Obama is a disgrace to this country and his numerous constitutional violations and breaches of his oath of office very much merit impeachment.

  2. We do not hate this mental case; we hold him in contempt. He is a psycopathic egomaniac, being used by George Soros and other base haters of humanity.

  3. Hey, Obama, look in the mirror! From your own big mouth you are always bashing Republicans as the “enemy”. You hate Republicans more than Hamas!

    Obama is a disgrace to the Office of the President of the United States. For his high crimes and misdemeanors by committing numerous constitutional violations (see Obamacare, see Executive Orders, and Separation of Powers) and for his violation of his Oath of Office, Obama deserves no less than impeachment.

  4. This BUM has been using the Race Card ever since he started to run for President. He has created more division and hate in this Country than anyone in US history. He has that criminal, Eric Witholder, constantly fanning the flames of Racial tension. He is an evil man and will go down in history as the biggest hypocrite to ever serve.

  5. If he would say the same once in a while to the left,he would at least have a chance of his words being given consideration

  6. It is not fair to comment on a web site that our president is a b-u-m. Let us not forget that he did for us many good things. Isn’t life in America today much better than life in Europe during world war 1 and world war 2. If you would like to persuade the president to your way of thinking, don’t you think that it would be good advice to speak like a gentleman?
    No good will ever come out through your way of commenting.


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