Obama To Voters: Things Could Be Worse


obama2President Barack Obama is trying to convince the American people not to change course in mid stream — or in this case, at mid-term. His message for the fall elections, which are looking ominous for his Democrats, is that Republicans caused the nation’s economic troubles, but he and the Democrats are starting to fix them.

It’s a tough sell to voters who’ve seen little progress.

Unemployment is stuck near double digits and polls show many voters have decided Obama’s policies are to blame.

Obama’s challenge for the next four months is to turn that perception around.

So he’s traveled, from Buffalo, N.Y., to San Francisco, reminding voters of the mess he faced when he took office.

Now, he says the economy is gradually picking up and adding jobs and the president says putting Republicans in power would reverse the momentum.

{AP/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Obama To Voters: Things Could Be Worse

    and they will get worse the longer he remains in power. He hasn’t the slightest clue what he’s doing.

  2. he’s probably right. everyone is impatient, rightly so. but, this disaster was years in the making, how can anyone with seichel think it can be fixed overnight?

  3. He is right, the longer he stays in office with the democrat it will get worse. So please reverice your vote this time and do not let obama and his democrats to bring down any more this country, do not let them run your lives the democrats and the obamas will drag you all in the ground


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