Obama: We’re Going to Mars by 2030s

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President Obama on Tuesday announced the U.S. has partnered with private firms in the goal of sending humans to Mars by the 2030s. Obama wrote in an essay for CNN that the government’s “ultimate ambition” is to one day “remain there for an extended time.” He wrote that astronauts will be sent to the International Space Station by private companies within the next two years. “Getting to Mars will require continued cooperation between government and private innovators, and we’re already well on our way,” Obama said.

The president said cooperation between government and business is necessary to develop the technology for deep-space travel. Read more at CNN.


  1. I was going to ask what is the point of spending millions maybe trillions of dollars to send someone to mars (except of course KOVOD) but on the other hand if Obama plans to fly…it was worth the inveastment.
    p.s. maybe Abu Mazen would be honored to join him.


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