‘Obama…Oy Vey!!’ Billboards Target Jewish Voters in Swing State of Florida

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obama-oy-veyThe Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) has put up a series of billboard advertisements reading “Obama…Oy Vey!!” in South Florida Jewish communities in an effort to sway voters in that critical swing state.

Placed in Florida’s Broward and Palm Beach counties, the billboards also ask “Had enough?” and feature the RJC’s

MyBuyersRemorse.com website includes videos of Jewish voters who chose Barack Obama in 2008 and talk about how they regret their decision.

“There is a strong sense of buyer’s remorse among Jewish voters, who are disappointed and disillusioned with President Obama and the job he has done in the last 3 ½ years,” RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said in a statement Tuesday. “We’re helping those people give voice to their feelings.”

A new Investors Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor/TIPP poll shows Obama’s Jewish support at 59 percent, compared with 35 percent for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. By comparison, Gallup polls in June and July had 68 percent of Jewish voters choosing Obama.


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  1. talking about swing states, the state of new jersey is only a ten point difference between Obama and romney with obama having the lead.lakewood which is the 7th to largest populated city in new jersey if they all vote for romney i am sure it would make a big difference

  2. Looking back what a disaster president Obama inherited from then president bush. The economy was falling off the cliff with all foreclosures, bankruptcies, bailouts etc. He made a good job slowing down the speed of falling and in some cases stopping it. I didn’t vote for him in 2008 and now I will not vote for Romney because he doesn’t understand the 98% of Americans that struggle.

  3. Cheers, blessings upon you, Autumn is here, it is time for a new harvest. Welcome my jewish brother and sisters, long live freedom of religion. Vote Romney/ Ryan.

  4. #Obama2012 !!! There is NO way I will EVER vote for Romney. The guy is superficial, delusional, and vague! And those billboards are are tasteless.

  5. You really think Romney cares about the issues us Jews care about? The republicans are using us to get their man into the White House. They don’t actually care about us. They just know we make up a decent portion of voters in the critical states. I will not ever vote for a president who wants to take away rights of women. Period


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