Obamas Circumvent Environmental Laws In Hawaii

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The famed “Magnum P.I.” mansion torn down and being redeveloped as Obama’s retirement oasis has taken advantage of loopholes to keep a wall up along the sea, circumventing local laws designed to preserve disappearing shorelines.

The report by ProPublica detailed the project, including the purchase of the home by Marty Nesbitt, the close confidante of former President Barack Obama who had run his campaigns and now runs his charitable foundation. Officials say the property is being built for the Obamas, per the report.

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    • But he promised when he was elected, way back when according to you, the oceans would stop rising! I mean, even if he was lying the least he could do was to stop screwing up his neighbors property.

    • Tearing down perfectly good mansions and putting them in the waste stream. Tisk tisk, carbon carbon carbon. The coast erosion is just the icing on the cake.

  1. CLASSIC!!!! Of course all the horrible regulations are only only supposed to ruin OTHER people’s lives not obamos !


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