Obama’s Daughter: ‘Donald Trump Is Evil’

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Former US President Barack Obama’s daughter Malia held a secret Facebook account on which she described President Donald Trump as “evil,” according to the Daily Mail.

In a picture uploaded to the account, Malia Obama showed a series of notes against Trump. On the first she wrote, “Donald Trump is president.” On the second, “This is not normal.” On the third, “Donald Trump is evil.” On the fourth, “Don’t be complacent.”

The account stopped being active in 2017. Malia is currently 21.

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  1. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She’s been hearing that from her ungrateful gold digging parents. The Obamas are one of the most selfish ungrateful taker families in this Country. If it’s so bad here and we have such an evil racist President, why don’t they pack their stinking bags and head back to Kenya?!

  2. Obama and the entire liberal establishment are evil fiends. I for one appreciate being called evil by such low lifes. What they call evil I call wonderful and Visa versa.

  3. Was she off weed, when she posted that? Somalia, Solamia, finish college, and learn something about life, before speaking in public. Yes, I know, your daddy never worked a day in his life, before becoming the President, so you think that it’s a good path to follow. Yet, look his his presidency turned out, and what sort of disgusting legacy he left behind…..


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