Obama’s Half-Sister: Birther Rumors “A Shame”

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obamaBirthers should put their challenges about President Barack Obama’s origins “to bed,” his half-sister says.┬áThe continuing debate over whether he was born in the United States or Kenya, Indonesia or elsewhere is “unfortunate,” Maya Soetoro-Ng said in an interview with CNN set to air Tuesday night. “He was born in Hawaii, there is a tremendous amount of proof that has already been presented.”

But, more than two years into his presidency, Obama’s birthplace is still being questioned. One recent poll found just over half of Republican primary voters saying they have doubts about where he was born, and Donald Trump has seized on that uncertainty to build support for a possible bid for the GOP nomination.

“I think that it is time for people to put that to bed, put it to rest completely,” said Soetoro-Ng, who has the same mother as the president – but a different father -and grew up with him. She’s on a press tour to promote her children’s book, “Ladder to the Moon.”

“I think it’s a shame and I think that my brother should definitely be president for a second term,” she said. “And that’s really all I have to say about it.”

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  1. she sounds questionable altogether.
    No other president was doubted and has such a history in many ways and forms. He just invites doubts. She must have said that just so he could get a boost for trying for the next election.
    We don’t trust him and we don’t want him. Too many people doubt him. This half-sister, using that foreign name of hers, has nothing to lose by using her name at this point, as this is proabably the last card he has to play with. Even when he is NOT president, I would not trust him with my wallet, and certainly with Foreign Affairs.

  2. Dr. Maya Kassandra Soetoro-Ng born August 15, 1970 in Jakarta, Indonesia, is the maternal half-sister of Barack Obama, the 44th and current President of the United States. president obama was born August 4, 1961.if she was born in jakarta 9 years later did they move back and forth doesnt make sense at all i think he should be required topresent his us birth certificate to the world b4 running in 2012


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