Obese Patients Seek Surgery to Reduce COVID-19 Risk

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More overweight Americans are having weight loss surgery to reduce their risk of COVID-19 complications. Studies have shown that obesity is a major risk factor for serious illness and risk of death from the coronavirus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the risk of hospitalization is six times higher and the risk of death is 12 times higher for COVID-19 patients who have an underlying condition such as obesity.

The rate of obesity has been skyrocketing in America, prompting healthcare experts to refer to its combination with the coronavirus as an “epidemic within an epidemic.” According to Forbes, obesity is the most common risk factor for severe illness from COVID-19 with over 30% of the population affected. Obesity causes several health issues that predispose people to complications. It suppresses the immune system and also severely restricts lung capacity that can make ventilation more difficult, says the CDC.

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  1. Nothing to do with covid risk. They did surgery for years before corona. Obesity does not cause fever or the flu or muscle ache aka covid-19.


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