Ocean County Hit Hardest By Winter Storm Yet Ignored By Jon Corzine

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corzineSnow continued to fall today after more than two feet of snow had been dumped on Lakewood and other areas of Ocean County. Governor Jon Corzine has yet to declare a state of emergency for Ocean County as the snowfall has nearly crippled public works departments and emergency management in many shore towns. In the past, statewide state of emergencies have been declared for much less snowfall amounts.Lakewood and Ocean County have been hit the hardest in the state by this weekend’s storm, but some fear politics may be in play as the County played a vital role in the election of Governor Chris Christie and in the defeat of Governor Jon Corzine in November’s election.

The move to not declare a state of emergency is suspect to be a partisan attack on the Republican stronghold by Corzine. By not declaring a state of emergency, Ocean County is not eligible for disaster relief funds, leaving the taxpayers and local municipalities to bear the brunt of the financial burden of this storm.

State of Emergencies so far have been declared in Washington, DC, West Virginia, portions of Delaware and portions of Massachussetts, but no declarations have been made in New Jersey, one of the hardest hit states by the storm.

{Jackson Online/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Note that NO emergencies have been declared anywhere in NJ. Why then would one think this is only directed at Ocean County/Lakewood?

  2. How about don’t declare state of emergency – Just send us some SNOW PLOWS to dig us out from under. You wouldn’t believe that the snow stopped falling 60 hours ago the way the streets around here look. And I’m talking about heavily travelled streets, not some minor side roads!!


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