OF COURSE: Study: Coastal Flooding Could Affect Up To 287 Million Of Worlds Population By 2100

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Extreme coastal flooding due to climate change could threaten assets up to $14.2 trillion worldwide and affect up to 287 million of the world’s population by 2100, according to a new study.

Australian researchers estimate that floods that occur once every 100 years could now occur once every 10 years in 2100, mainly as a result of sea-level rise.

In the U.S., the coasts of North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland are most at risk, the study found.

Other places will experience a larger increase in flood risk, including northwest Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Southeast Asia, southeast Africa and North America.

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  1. A prediction 80 years into the future about flood problems? How about asking the Dutch – they have already seen it all and (even with only archaic technology) they have already adapted.

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