Official: Israel Will Not Rely on US to Stop Iran Nuclear Weapons Program


israel-iran-strikeIsrael is capable of carrying out a unilateral strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities without the aid of the United States, a senior Israeli official told Israeli Radio Tuesday, but added that such actions would be inferior and less effective than a US strike.

The US administration is unlikely to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons at any cost, unlike Israel, the official was cited as saying, explaining that the Obama Administration’s level of involvement in Syria’s ongoing civil war contradicts the US president’s previous declarations.

President Obama has stated that the use of chemical weapons in Syria would be a “red-line,” but he has hesitated to intercede militarily since reports surfaced that the Syrian army has used chemical agents against rebels and the general population.

Israel Radio added that inside Israel there is fear that the US administration will attempt to focus on engaging Iran now that recently elected President Hassan Rouhani, seen by some as a relative moderate, has taken office; and that the country will agree to ease sanctions on the Islamic Republic in return for concessions not compatible with Israel’s security requirements.


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