Officials Call For Changes To NY Election Laws


bloomberg A group of New York elected officials and voting advocates are calling for a package of reforms like early voting, same day registration and allowing New Yorkers to fill out ballots at home.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and several state legislators joined civic groups and activists Monday at City Hall. They say New York ranks among the worst in the nation for voter access.

“When it comes to voting laws, New York state’s are the most restrictive and most outdated in the enitre country,” Bloomberg said. “All of us are here to say the time has come to change that.”

They want numerous chances to New York state election law. Some of the items on their wish list have already been introduced and have not gone anywhere in the state Legislature.

New York had a rocky primary and Election Day this year, as new voting machines made their debut.

The city’s Board of Elections fired its executive director a week before the general election.

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